Teletherapy and Kids, Volume 2: Battleship

As you may have seen, I am putting together a series of interventions for kids when conducting telemental health. Please check out the first post, and let me know what other interventions and games you’d like to see! A popular therapy game is Battleship. It takes focus, it takes planning, it’s a combination of strategyContinue reading “Teletherapy and Kids, Volume 2: Battleship”

Coming Soon: I Don’t Want to be Bad

I am excited to announce that I’ve decided to self-publish my manuscript! I’ve been compiling worksheets and interventions that I use with kids and parents when the child has behavioral problems. I Don’t Want to be Bad helps parents understand their role in the child’s behavior and help the child learn to express and copeContinue reading “Coming Soon: I Don’t Want to be Bad”

Whatever You Do, Don’t Think about Pink Elephants

Something a lot of my clients struggle with is thought stopping. Thought stopping refers to shutting down a thought that is unpleasant, distressing, or uncomfortable. We are all constantly thinking, all the time, without even trying. Sometimes when a thought is upsetting, it can be hard to let it go. Kids sometimes have trouble understandingContinue reading “Whatever You Do, Don’t Think about Pink Elephants”

Teletherapy and Kids, Volume 1: Chess

I’ve decided to do a series of blog posts about different interventions I’ve been doing with kids over telemental health. Telehealth was a growing field before COVID-19, and in my work with rural populations, it’s a service I have been offering for more than three years. If someone physically can’t make the trip to myContinue reading “Teletherapy and Kids, Volume 1: Chess”

Don’t Forget to Take Your Meds!

Happy Sunday to everyone! I created a video to review and talk about a product to help people with executive dysfunction remember to take their medication. Check it out! Here’s the TimerCap you see in the video, which can be purchased directly from their website!

Trauma-Informed Teaching with College Students

This one-hour course is intended to help college and university professors implement the tenants of trauma-informed teaching in college-level courses. It also specifically applies these ideas to online classes, as many universities are offering online learning this fall. The course is available for purchase for $20.

COVID-19 and ACEs

In my Introduction to Trauma-Informed Teaching course on Skillshare, I talk about the Adverse Childhood Experiences study from the CDC and Kaiser Permanente. Basically, the study determined that certain stressful or traumatic life experiences in childhood have a huge impact in adulthood and can lead to mental illness, physical illness, and early death. Kids withContinue reading “COVID-19 and ACEs”

Therapy During A Pandemic

In April 2020, I wrote an article for The UpTake about telemental health and telepsychology. At that time, I had been working remotely for about one month and had just gotten certified in telemental health. I also thought that working from home was a short-term solution. Weeks have become months, and although schools are lookingContinue reading “Therapy During A Pandemic”

Normal Responses to Abnormal Situations

Bernice Lewis says, “Normal’s just a setting on the washing machine,” and she’s right. There is no one way to feel or be. But I think it’s important to talk about our “new normal,” or living in the era of COVID-19. The Washington Post says that 34 out of every 100 Americans has met criteriaContinue reading “Normal Responses to Abnormal Situations”