Telehealth and Kids, Volume 12: Emotional Support Animals

As always, more telehealth resources are available here! Hands down, my favorite part of telehealth is meeting everyone’s pets. A close second is my clients meeting my pets. A while back, I shared a story about my cat, Vera, and how she was affected by trauma. I’ve shared this story with kids at my practiceContinue reading “Telehealth and Kids, Volume 12: Emotional Support Animals”

Telehealth and Kids, Volume 10: Virtual Backgrounds

The intervention I want to talk about today isn’t a specific game, so I am writing in a different format than I usually do in this series. For more telehealth interventions with kids, check out my resources page. Also, details about the client interaction that I describe below have been changed for privacy, but theContinue reading “Telehealth and Kids, Volume 10: Virtual Backgrounds”

Press Pause on Impulsivity

Impulse control is one of the last abilities our brains develop, so children and teenagers really struggle with this. Sometimes this gets labeled as disobedience, but kids are literally not capable of controlling their impulses the way that adults are. This activity helps kids work on improving impulse control by visualizing a remote control andContinue reading “Press Pause on Impulsivity”

Teletherapy and Kids, Volume 8: Dominoes

More telehealth resources are available here! Before I started working from home, I had a huge box of dominoes in my office. I rarely used it for its original intent, as kids much prefer to build with the tiles or make a path that they can then knock over. But when I was looking forContinue reading “Teletherapy and Kids, Volume 8: Dominoes”

Teletherapy and Kids, Volume 7: Mancala

(Don’t forget to check out the rest of this series!) “Mancala” refers to a group of board games that originate in Eritria and Ethiopia, but most Americans think of one specific variation when we hear this term. In therapy, this game helps kids with strategy and executive functioning, and I was excited to learn thatContinue reading “Teletherapy and Kids, Volume 7: Mancala”

Teletherapy and Kids, Volume 6: Scattegories

Before checking out today’s post, please go to my resources page to see other telehealth interventions for kids! When I think of Scattegories, I think of my first job at a dry cleaner. On slow days, one of my co-workers would get it out of her car, and we would play to pass the time.Continue reading “Teletherapy and Kids, Volume 6: Scattegories”

Teletherapy and Kids, Volume 5: Pictionary

Make sure you check out the other posts in this series! Although I am not certified as an Art Therapist, I have done continuing education in art therapy and lead a group for teenagers who want to explore how their creative side can help them cope with mental illness. There are a lot of greatContinue reading “Teletherapy and Kids, Volume 5: Pictionary”

I Don’t Want To Be Bad: Kindle Edition

When I first looked into self-publishing I Don’t Want To Be Bad, it was important to me to go the paperback route because I pictured it as something people could hold in their hands, dog-ear, and mark up as they desired. I also wasn’t sure how to best format this type of book for anContinue reading “I Don’t Want To Be Bad: Kindle Edition”

Meet My Cat

I wrote this post for kids who have had something bad or scary happen to them. This is Vera. She has lived with me for about three years now. As all my clients know, I love animals and absolutely adore my cats. Those who are currently receiving services as I work from home have gottenContinue reading “Meet My Cat”