Telehealth and Kids, Volume 11: Roblox

Every time I think I have run out of topics for this series, something else comes to me! A big part of therapy with kids is sharing in the child’s interests. Yes, we want to work on making good choices, modifying behavior, and developing appropriate coping and communication skills, but none of that can happenContinue reading “Telehealth and Kids, Volume 11: Roblox”

Teletherapy and Kids, Volume 3: Connect Four

If you haven’t already, check out the first two parts in this series on telemental health interventions for kids! I. LOVE. Connect Four. It’s similar to chess in that you have to plan ahead and focus on two things at once (where I’m moving and where you’re moving), but it’s much less complicated and soContinue reading “Teletherapy and Kids, Volume 3: Connect Four”

Teletherapy and Kids, Volume 2: Battleship

As you may have seen, I am putting together a series of interventions for kids when conducting telemental health. Please check out the first post, and let me know what other interventions and games you’d like to see! A popular therapy game is Battleship. It takes focus, it takes planning, it’s a combination of strategyContinue reading “Teletherapy and Kids, Volume 2: Battleship”

Teletherapy and Kids, Volume 1: Chess

I’ve decided to do a series of blog posts about different interventions I’ve been doing with kids over telemental health. Telehealth was a growing field before COVID-19, and in my work with rural populations, it’s a service I have been offering for more than three years. If someone physically can’t make the trip to myContinue reading “Teletherapy and Kids, Volume 1: Chess”