Telehealth and Kids, Volume 13: Chats

Be sure to check out the rest of this series! Also, if you’ve found my Telehealth and Kids series helpful, I will be doing a two-day certification with PESI in December. Check it out! I am sure that anyone using Zoom is aware of the Chat feature. It’s how I share custom links with clientsContinue reading “Telehealth and Kids, Volume 13: Chats”

Telehealth and Kids, Volume 10: Virtual Backgrounds

The intervention I want to talk about today isn’t a specific game, so I am writing in a different format than I usually do in this series. For more telehealth interventions with kids, check out my resources page. Also, details about the client interaction that I describe below have been changed for privacy, but theContinue reading “Telehealth and Kids, Volume 10: Virtual Backgrounds”